Technical Love

So quick to fall into our screens but not into love. More confident touching a keyboard then my skin. Only willing to swipe left or right and never meet. Following thousands of people you've never met but not following your own heart.


Knowledge & Hunger

I promised myself I would never know hunger again, but that’s the problem with knowledge. Ignorance is truly bliss. Once you know someone or something it’s hard to forget them completely. The touch of an ex love/lover fades but is it ever truly gone. The sting of loss subsides but the wounds are still there. Hunger... Continue Reading →


I’m a self-proclaimed music enthusiast, fanatic, and connoisseur. If you’re like me and need music for everything you do, here is a rough introduction to my music style. A song takes me back to a place in time, a person, a feeling. I can recall, my mother singing Lauryn Hill songs to me as a... Continue Reading →

NFL Highs

Of course, there where countless highs that came with achieving my dreams and playing in the National Football League. Though this site is in no way just about the highlights of my life, I am in no way bragging. I thought it would be pleasant during this hiatus from football to reminisce about my successes.... Continue Reading →

Mean Lean Football Machine 2

So this my workout/routine on Lower Body Day or the Day Two  if you followed my first post on Mean Lean Football Machine 1. O.K., let’s keep building that lean muscle mass. Warm Up 15-20 Mins on the Bike Workout Front Squat: 4 sets. 12, 10, 8, 6 reps Hack Squat: 3 sets. 20, 18,... Continue Reading →

Do What Comes Natural

To be around so many people striving, dreaming, achieving, and yet you doing nothing... it’s unnatural. To have wings and watch so many soar around you, while you stay grounded is unnatural. Jump, leap, and fly! Your greatness is natural. R.K.Russell

Mean Lean Football Machine

Like I've tried to state a few times this is a journey and I would love to share it with you all. Right now I'm training out of Exos here in LA but I've learned as a professional athlete a lot of times you have to take things out of formal training and be willing... Continue Reading →

Grandad Gaston

Professional football gave me the means to do a lot of awesome stuff, but beyond the material things it allowed me to take care of the people I loved. I got the opportunity to move my grandfather in with me and be his caregiver. Jenkins Gaston Moore was fiery, comical, and as wise as he... Continue Reading →


If the world is a stage I aspire to be recast, written off, forgotten. I no longer want my responses to be well calculated and socially acceptable. I don’t want plot building relationships and shallow friendships of convenience. Aren’t you tired of being type cast as a villain, or even worse, a supporting character? Never... Continue Reading →

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