Moving to LA

I came to realize that at 26 there would never be a perfect time to move to LA. I kind of refer to myself as a bit of a wanderer. I’m not sure whether to attribute my wanderlust to moving at a young age, my curiosity for the vast world, or the fact that I played for 3 different NFL teams and constantly traveling for work. The first time I came to Los Angeles I truly felt like I was home. The people were very different then the conservative Texas I was used too, and the weather was much more appealing to me then the brutal winters of New York. I could read a book or write in the most eclectic coffee shops. I could go out in the wildest night life scene. As a self acclaimed foodie, the unparalleled food selection didn’t hurt. On top of everything there is a freakin’ beach. Yea, LA was were I was suppose to be.

The only problem was I was pursuing a dream of professional football that seemed to move me anywhere but Los Angeles. I could wait until I retired from the game and just see where I landed, hope that I stay healthy long enough to land a huge contract and then buy a nice home. I could wait and see if I was called by the LA Rams or Chargers and hope that all my dreams just lined up perfectly. The professional football business was anything but perfect. The NFL is a unpredictable, cut throat business, and a major shoulder surgery had sidelined me for a year. I seemed to had lost the first love of my life for awhile and the only thing I felt I had left was my second love of writing. I have never felt more inspired to write, share, and create then I have in LA. The year of 2018 was riddled with challenges that I hope to get more into in future post. 2018 seemed to bring nothing but heartbreak, a decline in my health, my grandad’s passing, my best friends passing, and so much more. It was time for me to stop the heartbreak and to start fulfilling my heart. Essentially I just decided to grow a pair and take the leap to Los Angeles. Now here without football, with no family or friends around, and not really being sure what to do next, I seemed to have finally found some deep joy. 2018 has been kicking my butt all year, but maybe it was kicking my butt right here to LA. I’m not too mad about that.