Friends & Enemies

Every cold sweat I awoke from you held me. Every night terror you heard my screams. All my failures you witnessed. All my heartbreaks you encouraged. You, the first person to tell me I’m worthless. The last person to love me. I can’t escape you. I can’t escape myself. No matter where life goes we... Continue Reading →



My chest is on fire. When you touched my heart you set it a blaze. I’m scared it’s going to burn bright, burn fast, and burn out.

Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, You’re not the only thing that shatters when it falls. I’ve fallen time and time again, Somehow my pieces I seem to mend. But mirror I’ll never be the same And heartbreak is the one to blame.

Before You

Loving you is the best amnesia. Every kiss clouds my worst memories. Every touch fills that empty void. And when we lay together The past disappears and there was never anything before loving you.

Lights Shine Brightest at Night

There in the infinite view of the ocean, the endless blue of the sky, the constant warmth of the sun, she took great pleasure in the realization of how small she was. How minuscule each problem and obstacle she faced unquestionably was. Every evil in this world was minimal compared to the beauty in front... Continue Reading →

Mean Lean Football Machine Cardio

Stretch according before. Get the blood flowing Complete the following circuit four times, resting 1 minute after the burpees in each round. 1. Pullups Reps: As many as possible in 30 seconds 2. Jumping Jacks Reps: 60 3. Burpees Reps: 20 Sprint Interval Workout Pro athlete level Sprint 90 yards in 10 seconds Rest: 30-50... Continue Reading →

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