Commitment on the Shores

Please, take my hand.

Lace your fingers and your dreams with mine, and I will hold on tight.

Let’s walk side by side, with our toes in the sand. The tide of endless possibilities rising and falling underneath us.

Every speck of dust containing its own universe.

We are the destroyers of worlds.

I will walk with you until my knees shake from the weight of your hurt,

Until my feet are raw on the bottom like my heart.

I will walk with you until you can’t walk anymore, and I will carry you.

I will carry you down the shore of forever until, I can’t stand up right any longer.

I will lay with you here on the sand, a top a million little worlds, until the same waves that brought us comfort sweep us away.

I will drown with you forever in the depths of dreams and space.

I will hold your hand from the beginning of time until the end of oblivion.

~R.K. Russell

Copyright © 2019 by Jack Wild Publishing. An original poem from Prison or Passion