The Selfie Museum

I was going to start with a disclaimer but honestly think what you want about me. My brother was visiting me and I knew he would be the only person goofy enough for me to take to The Selfie Museum. I mean we all take selfies, my 70 plus grandmother just sent me a selfie the other day. I’m pretty sure one of my nephews first words will be selfie, so why  not embrass it for a little fun. In the age of Instagram the selfie is here to stay. Also, selfies are becoming a way to express ones self and build ones self confidence.

The new age museum is cool and light hearted. Back in the day when your parents said they were taking you to a Museum it normally means you can’t touch this, you can’t get too close to that, but museums like these are interactive. You actually become part of the art itself. The museum doesn’t work without you, and you become the most important part of the display. Who doesn’t want to feel important? You get to take selfies with Mona Lisa and put yourself in a Van Gouh painting. Another ode to childhood is the fact that there is an actual ball pin you can jump in and take pictures.

All in all we were the perfect age of having enough money to drive and get a ticket, but be childish enough to have a complete blast. I’ll share a few picutes that I hope you all enjoy half as much as we enjoyed taking them.

Don’t take yourelf too seriously.

R.K. Russell