It Starts With Women


The last time I wrote for this section of my page I was talking a lot about changing the culture for young boys. God works in funny ways. As soon as I start talking about helping young boys, he presents an opportunity for me to change lives. Those lives just happen to be young women. I love it. Women are the center of life so of course they would be the center of change. Calvin Rafah is a podcast host whose station speaks out against bullying. He's reached out to me about being on his show but our schedules never seem to align. On March 26, 2019 Calvin has invited me to speak with him at San Gabriel Mission High School. San Gabriel is an all girl's catholic college preparatory institution established in 1771. We will be talking to over 500 young women and have a chance to really impact some lives.

What The Heck Do I Talk About?

So now the fact is, I'm a big, male, professional football player talking to a venue full of young women. How do I connect? It's easy for me to focus on all the ways my audience and I differ. I think people look at differences all day, we are trained to. We compare height, skin color, class, religion, so on and so forth. The truth is that what we have in common will always be greater. I was a teenager once, battling with a lot of the same things teen girls do. Self esteem issues, mental health, underaged sex, underaged drink, and of course bullying are common. A lot of the things we all go through is not gender specific, it's human specific. The same God that made you made me, and though he made us in his image we are all prone to make mistakes. We all need help and encouragement.

But Seriously, I'm A Ladies Man

I was born by a woman, raised by women, my whole life I have looked up to women. Therefore, I understand the importance of women more than a lot of people. I learned everything I know about being a man from women. My mother was the hardest working person I knew, often having multiple jobs to provide. Also, my aunt worked tirelessly to get prestigious degrees and become a doctor in her own right. Finally, my grandmother came to the states when she was fifteen with nothing more then her willpower. Now she owns multiple properties and businesses. Hard working, brilliant, innovative women are the roots that support my family tree. Women also taught me how to be compassionate, secure, accountable, and much more. To think that I would have the opportunity to be a part of a woman's journey and triumph is incredible.


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