Book Release Party

Prison Or Passion

I've talked at lengths about my first poetry book, and I'm not done yet. In actuality the real talk is just beginning. My debut poetry releases Friday this week, April 26th at 7pm. That day is also my mothers birthday so it will be a huge celebration. I can't wait for everyone to be able to read the book and get a glimpse into my soul. Sharing my journey has been the most challenging thing I've done thus far.

Being an NFL Player I'm used to physical stress, over exertion, and injury. In contrast, as a writer I'm learning emotional stress, mental fatigue, and the fear of vulnerability. Furthermore I am used to criticism on matters of athletics, but not on matters of my heart. Even so, with the support of my friends, family, and my literary community, I am ready to be transparent. I welcome the challenges that come from vulnerability, and I relish the freedom that comes with stripping yourself bare.

Hollywood Party

Jack Wild Publishing has decided to throw me a book release party as their first major poet and artist to be published. The party will be in Hollywood and is a mostly private event. There will be influencers, artists, well known poets, family, and friends at this luxurious celebration. Since Los Angeles has been my home I've gotten to meet numerous creatives that I'm glad to now call friends. Some noteworthy names include, Christopher Poindexter, Attics, and other contemporary stars. This party will encompass athletes, artist, and family in a way that hasn't been done before.

Sneak Peak of Event Location

I'm grateful to all who have been supporting me and those that will join the team in the future. If you're someone in the literary world in the Los Angeles area and want to know how to make the guest list please contact me through this website.


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