The Clock Ticks

As I start writing

The clock ticks

From 12 to 11

11 to 10 

Joe takes a labored breath

Opens his eyes

His hand twitches

Warmth moves through his body

Color returns to his cheeks 

Smiling his infectious smile

He unhooks himself from life support 

His hair grows in a thick afro

He lifts his legs

Kicks his wheelchair to the side

At the edge of his hospital bed

He eats a full meal and 

Keeps it down

Breathing seems effortless now

He stands up on his own 

He walks toward me

Wobbly at first

But stronger as he gets closer

He hugs me tight

The clock ticks

From 10 to 9

9 to 8

That’s how we bring Joe back

I keep writing 

Until the clock ticks back


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