Contributing Editor of Barren Magazine

Barren Magazine is a literary publication that features fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and photography. Barren is know for hard truths, long stares, and gritty lenses that show the courage and truth of the creator. The magazine revels in the shadow-spaces that make up the human condition, and aim to find antitheses to that which defines us: light in darkness; beauty in ugliness; peace in disarray.

As of now I have been selected as a Contributing Editor to this literary journal I have admired for so long. These past days I have been reading poetry submitted by brave, honest, and talented individuals. Barren Magazine has allowed me to be a part of other poets journeys in a way I never though I would. Not to mention the constant flow of artistic material has inspired, motivated, and challenged me in my own art form.

Barren accepts submission year around and I encourage everyone to submit your work to this publication. Let me read you soul I promise to be gentle. Click the image below to be linked to the website.


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