Proud But I Miss Ya RiRi

Never have I done a post like this, but my silence is eating me alive. Now that I've released a poetic memoir of the hardest struggles in my life it's easier for me to be open and honest. I love Rihanna. Her haunting vocal, her unstoppable ambition, her boss attitude, her provocative style, and most of all her iconic music.

Robyn Fenty went from a Barbadian island girl, to a pop icon and a business mogul. In her formidable years, she started a small music group with two of her classmates singing renditions of Destiney's Child and Mariah Carey. From her small town in Barbados she left for the states in 2005 and has done nothing but ascend ever since. As a fan of Rihanna, both in her career and in her personal life, I think it's important for me to praise and support all she's accomplished.

Something that started out as a shoe collaboration with Puma has grown into the Fenty empire. Fenty now has taken over the industry of fashion, lingerie, and cosmetics. Rihanna has become a household name and one of the most influential women of her time. She has also aligned herself in philanthropy and politics; supporting women rights and taking a stand against domestic violence.

My family too is from a small island and Rihanna taught me your beginning shouldn't dictate the size of your dreams. Small islanders can become huge public figures and visionaries. Nevertheless, nights when I'm home alone, cooking a good meal, and drinking wine I play Anti, Rated R, and Unapologetic. Nights like these I do have to say, Rihanna, I miss the music.

Rihanna's debut album, Music of the Sun, was fun, light, and amassed serval songs to dance close with someone you liked. Her stunning looks lured me in and her island rhythm and beats kept me around. It wasn't until Good Girl Gone Bad that I started releasing Rihanna had something to say. She changed from the sweet island girl with long flowing hair, to a powerful outspoken force. Her short black haircut set the tone for blunt and honest songs like “Shut Up and Drive”. It wasn't so much a rebrand but actually an evolution. Rihanna was growing and changing and her fan base was expanding with her.

By Rated R I was hooked. Rihanna was a force bringing us an album with six singles that all broke the charts. “Russian Roulette” took a new take on domestic violence and toxic relationships after her case with Chris Brown. I'm not sure the exact connection between to the two but regardless the song is a great listen with a strong message.

Her album Unapologetic, at the time, was my favorite album. The title encompassed everything Rihanna embodied. She owned her own image, her own vision, her own music, her own sexuality, and she made no excuses for any of it. Rihanna could not be shrunk to fit into anyones ideas of her, she was larger than life. Hits like, “Diamonds” can be heard till this day being played and belted around the world. If it wasn't obvious already, this album propelled Rihanna into an international superstar, tying her with names like Madonna and The Supremes.

Anti, her most recent album, was released in 2016 and went platinum in all of two days. When asked about what she was trying to accomplish with the album and the composition of the music, Rihanna expressed how she just wanted to be honest. In my opinion, as a complete fan mind you, there is not a miss on this album. “Love on the Brain” will forever be one of my top songs in life. Rihanna is someone we can all aspire to be, honest, true, and unapologetic.

Now the year is 2019, and I can not think of a person more deserving of all the success and fame. However, I miss the music. One thing Rihanna always gave us was transparency. Without the music to connect us and make herself visible I almost feel like I'm losing her. Not that I had any claim to her in anyway, but you know what I mean. It's like when you and your friend you grew up with start growing apart. You see them post pictures on Instagram with their new family and their new work friends. You read their long status on facebook about how they are finally home owners and going to little Billy's first soccer game. You are happier for them and their happiness, most of all your proud of them, but you miss them. I'm so proud of everything you've done, but I miss ya RiRi.

You've helped me navigate toxic relationship, you've helped me own my desires and ambitions. In 2019 I have you on the brain.


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