Miel de Lavande

When you ask how I like it, the fire you’ve started with your fingers drags across my skin

& I erupt in muffled moans, lost in the echos of your name

Or should I say nothing- Playing your game, only winning when I lose myself in you

My heart, as dark as the starless night, where I dare you to hide 

Lavender, honey, the dimple valley of your cheeks, and the river of blue eyes

Who’s named me Angel, you who are naive enough to have been my lover

& wise enough to have bent me to your will with the chains of lustful promise

You trace flames from my eyebrow to my cheek and burn the beard that barely grows

You’ve left your mark there, where we’ve mistaken dreams for desires

Arousal leaves a sweet stain on my shirt before you pry it off my carcass

Your fragrance filled every breath, smelling you and tasting you became one and the same

Black takes over blue, dilating, pleading, begging like a flower turning towards the sun

You cling as it swells, then pull & latch in the waves of the ocean Sacrifice me sweet goddess,

The mother of all that is good and holy in the human body and in the human soul

To the rib cage that could not hide my heart from you, the heart that sings for you

But here- in silk sheets where skin is elastic and fingers lace together like fates & my California bed breaks off into the sea of forever.

~R.K. Russell

Copyright © 2019 by Rkrelentless.com and R.K. Russell