Cancun at Fiesta Americana Condesa

Location, Location, Location

The saying, “Location is everything” stands true when it comes to an all inclusive stay at the stunning Fiesta Americana. It takes no time at all for the staff to make me feel welcomed and at home. Everyone was polite and spoke to me with kindness. The first man I encountered, Pablo, is an older gentleman who strikes up conversation with me over my backpack. He teaches me about the snake that’s on my bag and tells me if I ever see a, “Coralillo”, in person then I should run the other way. Afterwards, Pablo attempts to teach me Spanish. I would like to think I didn’t butcher such a beautiful language but that is unlikely.

The amenities in the resort are endless, a pool, jacuzzi, spa, gym, shops, and so much more. You could stay at Fiesta Americana for a week and still not have partaken in all there is to offer. This resort is truly built so that you will never want to leave.

The Way To My Heart

The way to my heart is defiantly through my stomach. I think most people come to an all inclusive resort excited about the free drunks but I was all about the food. Of course all the traditional Mexican food was phenomenal but I was most impressed with the wide range and variety. There were over six restaurants ranging from their sophisticated steak house to a poolside bar and grill. The servers were funny and personal, bringing cocktails, desserts, and all the things you didn’t need but secretly wanted.

Pool & People

Of course there was an actual bar in the pool, along with a volleyball net, music, and a good crowd of easy going tourist. Everyone I talked to was from a different place, with a different view on life, but the same reasons brought us together. We were all looking for a little rest and relaxing. Playing pool volleyball I boasted a record of 8-1 my whole stay. I can’t help but be competitive when it comes to sports.

I read one of my favorite books, for the thousandth time, poolside with a margarita. Dancing was more fun for me to watch than participate but certain songs I couldn’t help but jam out. I was also asked to participate in a threesome by a young couple. As flattering as the offer was I had to politely decline for my own personal reasons. Maybe I’m a prude but vacation in my mind didn’t correlate with sex.

All in All

The trip was a success. Fiesta Americana offered a great mix of excitement and peacefulness. I was able to interact with new people without feeling crowded or overwhelmed. Also, I had the opportunity to drink and party as well as, eat too much and sleep too late. All in all, the impromptu trip was just what I needed to gear up to hit the halfway mark of 2019.