We Are All Bran The Broken

Game of Thrones has been an epic show that has controlled television for almost a decade. Viewers, awards, and media buzz for the show have been overwhelming throughout its HBO reign, but all good things must come to an end. Everyone has had their favorites to win the throne through this cinematic journey but only one can obtain the crown. Now at the end of an era we are left to wonder why Bran Stark is the king we all didn't expect but can relate too.

Bran's Beginning

Bran starts out as an arrogant and selfish child, as most children are without worldly experience. Much like us Bran was disobedient and adventurous. How many times did your parents tell you to not do something and you couldn't wait until the opportunity to do it? Now Bran paid a price, accidentally seeing Jamie and Cersei Lannister making love while climbing a tower, he was thrown from the window and paralyzed from the waist down. While most of us have not suffered the lost of our legs, we have been paralyzed in more ways than one. I myself have been paralyzed by the fear of loss, terrified to get close to anyone again. Some of us feel stuck, immobile, due to our financial circumstances, the neighborhoods we grew up in, the color of our skin, the people we love, or the the God we pray too.

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Bran's Journey

Bran mourned the loss of his legs, he lashed out, and detached himself from the world around him. Nevertheless, the longing to find purpose began to bloom deep within the young Stark. When we are down and out we look for our next cause, something to dedicate or lives too, even if we must tread to unknown lands.

As humans we want something to believe in, more so we want to believe in ourselves. Bran, paralyzed and at his weakest, ventured beyond the wall through impending danger to self actualization. In Bran's quest to become the Three Eye Raven, Bran finds love, friendship, strength, and wisdom. Though he loses a lot along the way, Bran comes back with knowledge, gifts, and purpose. We are shaped by our obstacles, failures, triumphs, and become the people we are meant to be. Bran returns home anew, different but vital. We all have a role only we can fulfill.

Bran The Broken

We are all royalty once we learn the lessons that Bran learns. History repeats itself. Once we know our history we can best navigate the present for the future we long for. It helps to not only know your own journey and the lessons in it, but the journey and the lessons from others. We don't always have to go through a trauma to learn from it. Humans are capable of learning from others.

Bran understood the mistakes of those before him. Making the right choice is as simple as knowing what the wrong choices are and avoiding them. Also Bran does not long for power. It's times when we seek money we are the poorest, times when we seek power we are the weakest. Bran knows that doing anything in hopes of just gaining what you don't have is toxic. It's a lesson we all have to learn, that pursuing something for a title, status, or material things, does not end well for us.

Bran The King

Bran doesn't seek power, he seeks enlightenment and understanding. He can rule fairly and objectively while keeping the people's interest in heart. We are all trying to get to a point were we can lead those we care about in the direction that's best for them. Whether it's your own family, community, your corporation, or a religious organization, you want to help guide and shape it. We all want to be able to lead at times and I think Bran shows us we can. He was not the front runner for the throne but he is the kind of ruler Westeros needs. Furthermore, he is the kind of ruler we can and should be.


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