Instagram Book Giveaway Contest

Memorial Weekend I was inspired to connect with my followers and show my appreciation for their support. All things considered, my following, readers, and supports have come largely from my Instagram account. What better way to celebrate my supports by having a Book Giveaway Contest!

The Rules

The instructions for the contest were simple, straightforward, and as follows:

1. Contestants had to Follow me (duh)
2. They also had to tag three friends in the comment section of my giveaway post 
3. Add my post to their Instagram Stories with #PrisonOrPassion#GiveAwayContest and tag me so I could verify their compliance

The Prize

The appeal of a contest is only as good as its prizes. This is a list of winnings one lucky person was going to be rewarded:

1. A signed copy of Prison or Passion
2. My three favorite poetry books. 
3. Cash prize of $50

The Winner

Nevertheless, only one contestant would walk away with such an amazing prize. The outreach and impact was far greater than I could have ever imagined. After this giveaway I was ready to do another one almost immediately. I got in contact with so many more writers and poetry lovers. My first contest only lasted 24 hours and boasted just over one hundred contestants.

In conclusion, the winner was a young man by the name of Abhisumat Singh. He is a follower from India and he's always very supportive and active on my page. I did the drawing live on Memorial Day and he was watching the whole thing as I pulled his name randomly from a hat. I love writing but even more I love connecting through literature.

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