Chateau Marmont


I thought, laying with my paramour,

How can I trust you in 2019?

The roof of the hotel shone pearly

White, like doves or cocaine. 

My lover, I kiss

Anyhow, as if I hadn’t been 

Fucked over before. 

Nearby, a handsome

Bellhop looked through me 

like glass; 

I looked back,

Feeling as empty as his stare.

The guest of the hotel wore ocean blue.

The black hands of the concierge waved at me,

Knowing I felt alone in Greenwich Village.

O wait, I was in the Chateau Marmont now.

I stumbled through the lobby, 

Running into things and people.

Somewhere a tourist rolled a blunt

Pleasure, not trust, would fill him. 

~R.K. Russell

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