A Different Approach To Second Dates

I feel like I should start this post like I start all of my mornings, by shaming myself. Yes this is a post about second dates, and I've been on a ton of second dates. In other words, I am single and incapable of sustaining a long term relationship. But I'm not too lonely, depressed, or bitter to offer my advice on cool and unique second date options!

The first date is pretty much standard. The meet up, the dinner or coffee, maybe a movie or a walk, something along those lines to make sure you aren't attracting the interest of a serial killer. Also, side note, Netflix and chill is not a date or first date. So once you have your first date and establish that you're not in the crosshairs of a homicidal maniac, or just a one night hook up, I think I have a cool an exciting second date options below for you to try out.

Game night

If you're a bit nerdy and want to see if your potential partner is just a raging party animal, sit them down for a game night with friends. Friends will vet someone really quick and it's important for me right away to see if the person I'm dating can hold their own. My friends bring a good mix of intellectual and sarcastic group dialogue that I want my potential partner to be comfortable navigating. Play all the board/card games you did back in the day. If you're nerdy but also into crude humor, like me, than there are some fun adult games like Cards Against Humanity.


I've written before about my love for outdoors and specifically for hiking. Something about climbing towards the heavens with nothing but nature around puts me at peace. Also, most hikes I go on with potential partners there's no cell service and no distractions. I live a very active life as well and it's important for anyone I date to be as healthy as possible.


Maybe this isn't great placement after I've talked about a healthy date. Brunch dates are great because they are daytime and if things crash and burn you can spend a fun evening with your friends instead. Seriously, who doesn't enjoy a little breakfast, and booze while boo'd up. If things go well, you and your date can clear the rest of the day and fall in love or something.


Many cities have discount tickets for art and science museums. Try learning more about your potential partners creative sides. Of course by now you already know about what they do for work, and if they are a dog or cat person, but do you know about their creative eye? If you don't know much about art yourself it's cool to just go around and tell each other what you feel or see when looking at different pieces. Reading about the exhibit and the artist can also be an educational experience for you both.  

A picnic

You don't need a movie in the park to have a picnic. Hit up the farmer's market to pick out bread, fruit, and cheese—or whatever else looks tasty—and bring it to the park. For bonus points, pack a frisbee, book, ball or anything so you have something fun to do when you're done eating. 

Seasonal Sensations

Depending on the time of year, you might be able hit a festival or something special to your town. I for one just like to go ride around nice neighborhoods and look at the different Christmas decorations. Hopefully someone thinks that's romantic. Why am I single again?

Poetry Night

I rarely read at an Open Mic poetry night on a date, because I don't want to scare someone off so soon. Lets face it though, poetry can be kind of romantic. I always find it interesting to see which pieces resonate with people. You might be able to get a glimpse of another side to your potential partner. If they love the poetry night suggest they buy my book, Prison or Passion. You can read it together as a third date. Yes, I'm laughing at this. Yes, I'm also serious. 

Piano Bar

How brave can you and your potential partner be on the second date. A few drinks, some good tunes, and see if your match has the sexy confidence to belt out some shameless Rihanna. By the way, if you find a piano bar that plays Rihanna please bring me as your third wheel.

Comedy show

It's important to know your potential partner's sense of humor. If you two laugh at the same jokes they might be a keeper. If they laugh at everything you think is hurtful or offensive, you might be too much of a stick in the mud to date anyone.

Well I hope these second date ideas help someone and I hope you get further with them than I ever have. Love to the lovers.


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