Ask me not where impotence lie

When a smile is the mask of the bad guy

For deep down inside of the speculation

You’ll find the heart to be my damnation 

Ask me no more “How are you”

The sky is grey and my tears are blue

For clouds and people both bring shade

And memories of loved ones do fade

Ask me not where I left my soul

Leave me with liquors burning console

For in these moments of drunken bliss

I invite the depths of the abyss 

Ask me no more “Are you okay”

My words would just lead you astray

For I am the beast and the cage

My feelings allowed only on a page

Ask me not where shooting stars go

And with it the dreams they never bestow

For our world spins and never stops

We sow our fields but never see crops

Ask me no more “Do you love me”

Cause what we have will grow unsightly

For I can’t confess what I don’t feel

A silent consort would be ideal

~R.K. Russell

Copyright © 2019 by Rkrelentless.com and R.K. Russell