Poetry Prompt #1

I want to tell you all good morning, that I had a restful nights sleep, and I'm prepared to attack the day. I want to tell you all of this but frankly, none of that B.S. is true. A lot of us don't have the luxury of just giving up on the day around 7 am because the night before was less than pleasant or we just aren't quite feeling it the following morning. So for me, the only thing that can salvage mornings like these are the illustrious powers of caffeine.

This Wednesday is my first time posting a poetry prompt where I hope fellow writers and readers will take a crack at the imaginative storytelling, compelling imagery, and creative vulnerability. Also, if you want to be quirky or funny please feel free to show us your personality. Poetry lives in all of us relentlessly demanding to be expressed. Even if you don't fancy yourself a poet I would love for you to try your hand at the prompt.

This first prompt is an ode to my love for caffeinated morning beverages, coffee, espresso, energy drinks (if that's your thing), whatever you use to jump-start your days. Write about a situation where you wouldn't make it through without caffeine.

Remember: These prompts are just starting blocks; you have the freedom to go wherever your “pen” takes you.

Please: If you want to respond to this prompt on your other social media accounts use the hashtag #RelentlessPoetry & #WritersNeedReaders so I can help highlight your work.

Here is my attempt at a Caffeine Poem:

My bed won't hold me,
All night long she tosses,
I turn.
My dreams disapprove
Of the substances I abuse.
So I awake on bent knee
Worshipping a God
Blacker than me.
Her burning touch
Traces my throat,
She is my true solace.
Lifeless days
Until she resurrects me.
Not so “Good Mornings”
Until I taste her kiss.
The only heaven I seek
Is at the bottom of
Coffee's chalice.
Caffeine commands me,
My savior,
My ebony prayer.

R.K. Russell

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13 thoughts on “Poetry Prompt #1

  1. Sacremental

    It is a ritual, a holy moment,
    this getting up in the morning
    putting on the coffee, a percolator
    you say makes the best. I’m afraid
    my taste buds are not that refined.
    I just like the taste, first taste of coffee
    in the morning.
    I smell it first, then sip until
    it cools enough to take a gulp.
    I can’t contain that silent ahhhhhh
    of breath that accompanies
    that first cup as I drink
    in the silence before you get out of bed
    drinking in the quiet as much as the coffee.
    It is a grace this ritual of coffee.

    1. I love this! “Drinking in the quite as much asa the coffee” resonates with me so much. It’s the sense of peace that coffee brings, readying you before the madness of the day takes hold. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Ryan, that wasn’t meant for you. I’d never point out a spelling mistake. I thought you’d copied and pasted the line from my poem. I thought I’d messed up. I’m sorry you thought I was critiquing you.

  2. Food for Thought

    Don’t like my string cheese stringy.
    Don’t care for fishy fish.
    Don’t want this squash-y thingy
    that’s squishing in my dish.
    I’ll take my eggplant scrambled, please,
    with not-too-toasty toast.
    I feel so sad for black-eyed peas,
    and for the poor shanked roast.
    My coffee grounds me just enough
    to move on with my day,
    but navigating it’s still tough.
    Will curds show me the whey?
    You’re nuts about my pecan pie,
    but beef about my stew.
    And I just chuckle, and here’s why:
    It’s so fun ribbing you. 😉

    © Marie Elena Good, 2019

    Ryan and Debi: Both your poems are deep and beautifully written. I went with silly. 😉

    Ryan, I love that you are throwing prompts out here! I’ll try to respond as often as I can. Thanks for doing this!

  3. Ryan, your poems always speak to me. Some are just so lovely and uplifting, and some (like this one) are also lovely, but make me uncomfortable. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Powerful writing, always. Please don’t ever stop offering yourself in this way.

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