Poetry Prompt #3

On August 29th, the world saw a side of me that not many have before. I revealed my life, my love, and my dreams on a terrifyingly public platform. The process leading up to making the decision to go public with my sexuality was a tough labyrinth with excitement and fear amongst the many twist and turns. Writing has seemed almost impossible for me since, whether it be long-form, creative, or poetic. So much had happened and even after the rollercoaster was over, my feet felt far from the earth I walked. Poetry was the first thing to come back to me. In a moment of complete stillness and calm, the words began to flow through me as my lover slept across my chest. This week I want to pay homage to moments of peace, calm, and stillness that breed poetry. 

Remember: These prompts are just starting blocks; you have the freedom to go wherever your “pen” takes you.

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Here is my poem:

Loc Love

Two of my locs fuzed together 

The two towards the back 

That I could hardly see day in and day out

When I reached to feel them one morning 

I was pleasantly surprised 

Surprised to know, 

That two things, 

Close in proximity 

Could become one. 

I sipped my morning coffee, 

You sipped your morning tea 

And I smiled while scooting closer to you.

Hoping we would fuze together like locs

In close proximity. 


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