Corey & Russ

After publicly coming out and becoming the only active NFL player to identify as LGBTQ, I've gained the attention of the masses. Most of the attention has centered around support, queer visibility in sports, inclusion, equality, and freedom. In the ocean of positive feedback and attention is a few drops of what I would call, racism, hate, and bigotry, none which even puts a ripple into the amount of love I've received. I continue to share my story openly, honestly, and in hopes of freeing myself and others while encouraging self-love. An act that, at first, started as me just wanting to live my truth, has turned into something much larger than I, but one reoccurring question is still being asked. How is my love life?

My partner, Corey O'Brien, is someone I am completely enamored with, and though we have known each other for over half a year, I feel more myself with him than I ever have before. It's in the comfort and acceptance of my partner that I have learned to accept myself and my truth. This past year in Los Angeles, I've been on a crash course with truth and love, but the final leg of that race was meeting the man I am proud to call my boyfriend today.

Now with my relationship being so precious and dear to me, more conscious of protecting it by any means possible. I feel almost reluctant to talk about my relationship in the media to avoid being misrepresented. We want to control the narrative of our love story because no one can tell it better then we can. As a writer, I feel compelled to write about my relationship, and I do in poetry, but I think the long-form details are something that we should share together.

So we've taken on a new medium to tell the most authentic version of our love story, and to showcase our personalities, ambitions, talents, and missions together and separately. If you're one of the people who are interested in the questions of my love life, then there is now a place I can direct you, the most accurate source of what my love life looks like, as told by Corey and Russ on Youtube.

Russ surprises Corey with a trip to Pennsylvania for him to see his family and for Russ to meet them. Corey shows him his childhood home, his high school and takes him to a show at a theatre he used to dance at. They explore his hometown for a weekend while taking a trip down memory lane.

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