Christmas In Los Angeles

A warm kiss caresses
My lips

The city appears
Colossal, bright,
& intimidating from
this rooftop downtown

It is from
This view the moon
Seems like a halo
It is
The crown around your head that causes
This warm kiss to brew a fire within my insecurity
A wildfire
(from an angel to a sinner)

It is the strength of this warmth
It is destructive in scale
Between cleansing and apocalyptic
Not inside the realm of understanding
Not a
Terror (however terrifying) but
Demanding fear
Only asked by that of God.

Not an idol
But a vision
From a rooftop

(someone yells cheers)
We sit on the edge of it all
Where we convince each other
If we jumped we would fly

(dancing with immortality)

Christmas in Los Angeles.

Corey & Myself at The Grove in Los Angeles

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