Christmas In Los Angeles

A warm kiss caresses
My lips

The city appears
Colossal, bright,
& intimidating from
this rooftop downtown

It is from
This view the moon
Seems like a halo
It is
The crown around your head that causes
This warm kiss to brew a fire within my insecurity
A wildfire
(from an angel to a sinner)

It is the strength of this warmth
It is destructive in scale
Between cleansing and apocalyptic
Not inside the realm of understanding
Not a
Terror (however terrifying) but
Demanding fear
Only asked by that of God.

Not an idol
But a vision
From a rooftop

(someone yells cheers)
We sit on the edge of it all
Where we convince each other
If we jumped we would fly

(dancing with immortality)

Christmas in Los Angeles.

~R.K. Russell

Corey & Myself at The Grove in Los Angeles

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