Drown Them Again

Regrets drown themselves in moments.

Fear from exes sowed to your heart,

jagged scars,

purple bruises like violets,

over watered with tequila.

So much of your pain is gasping,

wounds on your body, secret poems.

Pungent smells of rotting corpses,

stacked too high to burn.

So drown them.

Throw them in the ocean of

ignorant bliss and a bottomless glass.

Where there was everything and suddenly nothing,

an echoing shriek, ringing in your ear,

you dance to it like EDM.

Start again when you throw up the next morning.

Tears spring forth when watching a movie,

emotions are a gamble and you throw the dice.

Fear and regret resurrect,

So you find a bar and drown them again.

~R.K. Russell

This is a poem of inadequate coping mechanisms, and the picture of a boy lost back in 2016.

Copyright © 2020 by Rkrelentless.com and R.K. Russell