Commitment in 2020 & The Queerties

In this day and age, it seems close to impossible to have a stable, monogamous, loving relationship. In a time of cancel culture, instant gratification, and sensationalism, people seem less equipped for the intricacies of long-term commitment. Add on top of that, having a public relationship, and millions of people's opinions, the bond between two individuals becomes even more strained. I can't even begin to explain the added stigma and narrow mindedness that occupies perception of my interracial relationship with another man. All in all, the focus of a relationship is two people, and the responsibility to uphold their commitments and fuel each other's joy falls upon them and them alone. My relationship is far from perfect, but it's in the imperfections that my boyfriend and I grow. We are two people who can assess a problem and work together to solve it. We confide in each other, in good times and bad. I know that long-lasting love is not created in a moment but through a series of moments that reveal you and your partner's heart, virtues, and spirit. With the negative comments and the haters, we have received love in abundance from family, friends, and supporters.

We are honored to be nominated by Queerty in the “Love Is Great” category of the #Queerties 2020 awards. Thank you to all of you who have supported us and our relationship. Thank you to all of those who have embraced me after my coming out in August. We have experienced so much love and support both as individuals and a couple. I ask that you continue to support us and visit Queerty to vote for us. I'm also nominated in the “Game Changer” and “Closet Door Buster” categories and would appreciate your vote there as well. We can't thank you enough for putting us in your hearts and going on this fantastic journey with us. Voting closes at the end of February, and if we win, we promise to do something special for all those who made it possible. Thank you again!


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