Black of Night

The Spring conducts its intimate ritual,
Almost unnoticed by man. The winter’s bite
Came greedy—and hungrier than in past years.
The visitors of our home, all teeth and laughter,
Join in the barbaric joy of the Super Bowl, Thank God!
Welcomed intruders pleading:
save me a slice of pizza and a spot by the tv.
My boyfriend sits on my lap peacefully.

It’s warm here! So cozy, that I’m not surprised
When the lack of shadow, tells the groundhog, winter isn’t welcomed.
He relays the message to us in kind.
Blossoms, rain, and stars, this dubious city!
Mountains, ocean, and fame, with all the sins you could dream of,
As obtainable as breathe! The dark black night
Lies on my dark black skin, and wraps me up;
Only that blackness, which calls me family,
Outlast the seasons, that knight in unseen armor.

Dear love that sits upon my lap,
Whose gentle hands, massage my scalp and calms my raging thoughts,
Feel the night envelope us
And know the warmth of home.
My love so lovely! My body feels light
Without your weight upon it, thus when we pass,
Bury us chest to chest in the dead of night.
I was redeemed by you in the city
Where none look for redemption, pent up lost boys,
And you saw the stars in me one spring.

No matter the season it is are’s,
Whether the summer screams or the winter bite,
Or fall attempt to trip us up, we subsist.
Between the pure blood of snow,
Or bubblegum sunsets, while the ocean
Tempts us to stop working for the day;
Whether the world decides they don’t love us
Heard only in the white noise of the internet,
Or if the intimate ritual of Spring
Shall try to delay its return,
We will subsist in the black of night.

~R.K. Russell

Copyright © 2020 by Rkrelentless.com and R.K. Russell