Oscars 2020

It’s raining here in LA

& that in itself is a small Miracle

I’ve learned to embrace Wishes

& Prayers, & Miracles no matter

The size.

I’m watching the Oscars

Smiling and crying for strangers

I know so well

I wish I was dripped in gold

Protected & valued,

As a trophy should be

I scream for the people of color to win

For the women in front of & behind

The cameras & films.

I imagine the feel of exuberant dresses

And fabrics that walk the crimson carpet

Diamonds and pearls sparkling like

Stars worn by stars

I don’t wish to be like them

I’ve shared in their journey

Our support gave them fame

So it is ours as well

But I long for them to look more like me

& not like me

& like my mother

& like my neighbors

Like people I’ve never seen

& people I long to learn about

I long for them to look like you

& them

& us

& everyone

The Oscars should be for everyone

Oscar statues stand off of Hollywood Boulevard in preparation for Sunday's 92nd Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre, Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2020, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

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