Versus COVID-19

Let’s address the elephant in the room, the infectious, coughing, feverish, and murderous elephant in the room: coronavirus or COVID-19. I want to start by saying I am not a doctor, researcher, or in any way more knowledgeable than the average person about COVID-19. I’m a writer, a storyteller, and a human being just like you. And just like you, I have been affected by this pandemic. In times of darkness, I have found light in connecting with others, and this virus has effected even that. Now is when the beauty of social media can shine through. Platforms that have been notorious for cancel culture, trolling, and slander, are now being flooded with love, support, information, and genuine compassion. I want to share my story.

A Picture from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

Again, I am not more knowledgeable than the average person, but I will add some links that have helped me learn, prevent, and prepare for what’s to come. We have learned that COVID-19 is most dangerous to older adults, those who have pre-existing conditions, heart conditions, and or diabetics. None of these things pertain to me, but they relate to those I love, and that’s worse.

COVID-19 & My Family

My grandmother is a diabetic. With her living in New York, one of the states with the most confirmed cases, I can’t help but worry for her. Nevertheless, it’s more than my grandmother just washing her hands and limiting her social exposure, but all of her family that come in contact with her need to be mindful as well. How tragic would it be to visit my mother after almost a year apart, hugging her, kissing her, eating her home-cooking, only to be delivering something incurable? How many of us have older adults we love and cherish?

COVID-19 & Sports

With the NFL Free Agency just days from opening up, I have been in a dilemma when it comes to training for my dream or avoiding what is known as a high-risk area, the gym. I can’t afford to take days off, yet I can’t afford to be infected and spread the virus to those I love who might suffer greater than I. The NBA, NHL, and MLB seasons have been canceled or suspended. The world of athletics is taking huge hits as stars like Rudy Gobert, and Donovan Mitchell manage their health after contrating the virus. Colleagues and idols of mine having to shelf the sport they love, their primary source of income, and worry about possibly infected a large group of teammates or fans. I look to sports for strength, we all love a good underdog, but it seems like right now that underdog is us.

COVID-19 & Friends

I refuse to sensationalize terror and speak of this virus as if it is the end of the world. Still, I do understand that underestimating a global health concern isn’t wise. I have friends who have battled and surived, cancer in many forms, I worry for them. I have friends who travel for work, who make a living going to buildings, events, and conferences that are filled with hundreds to thousands of people, I worry for them. But most of all, I worry about the uninformed. Those we don’t read about prevention, who don’t make the conscious effort to limit contamination and who put all of our loved ones at risk. Knowledge is power, and right now, knowledge is the best weapon against sickness. I’ll link various sites I have used to track, understand, and plan against the virus—light and love to you all.

Helpful COVID-19 Sites