Racism Does Exist

Racism does exist

I've known it my whole life

I’ve felt the disgusted stares

As if my skin was black from

Rotting or burned and charred

Racism has many faces

And all of them are ugly

I’ve learned how to defend

My blackness

As if I chose it

I've been called out of my name

And though I don't answer to hate

The name-calling persists

But now, after finding my truest love,

Racism has found new ways to attack

I will not apologize for the sex or gender

Of who I love

I will not feel ashamed for my lovers skin

As if he chose it

I will only do what I whole heartedly believe

I was put on this earth to do

I will be me

I will love me

I will be loved & love another.

Shot by Benjamin Romero

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