Run Away But Don’t Take Me With You

If you submit to your fingers

running across the keys,

where do they go?

Where do they bring you?

Most of the time,

the keyboard pulls against my hands,

my fingers try to slip free,

but my laptop restricts my blood flow and drags me on.

Most of the time,

I do not know our destination

only that we are moving at speed, so reckless

we can’t help but crash.

And is it worth it?

Going with them to places

I seldom visit and

barely remember,

and can not live.

I want to stay still,

and in silence,

I want to hear my heartbeat, but I also want to feel it.

Every single thump

that subtle tapping like a bird against the window

like a lost boy begging to return home,

who faints at his parent front door.

He reaches to alert them he’s back, that he, above all odds,

has resurfaced,

but shouldn’t they know?

Haven’t they searched for him every second of his departure? Don’t they dream of him? Or maybe

they couldn’t sleep,

his absence haunting them.

But he’s home now,

so close,

yet still out in the cold.

Run to him and let him in.

~R.K. Russell

Copyright © 2020 by Rkrelentless.com and R.K. Russell