Call For Poetry Submissions

Hey everyone.

First of all, I want to thank each and everyone one of you following my website and journey— each like, comment, and reblog is appreciated and cherished. I thank everyone for allowing me to be vulnerable and giving me the courage to write and share. I wouldn’t have been able to come out to the world in August without you! I want to do my part to encourage new and upcoming voices as well.

I’m holding open submissions for black and queer creatives, poets, and artists. Call for submission is NOT a contest, but rather a celebration of different voices. Perhaps, this could help promote connectivity in a time of isolation.

I look forward to being introduced to new writers, new poetic worlds, and introducing them to my nine thousand plus subscribers. I will post your poem as my Weekly Featured Poem, and there will be notes from myself included about how the piece moved and inspired me. I will post a selection every Monday. 

As of right now, there is no theme I want to read something raw and vulnerable. If you have questions on this section, leave me a comment below. There is no specific style—it can be free-verse, it can have a rhyming scheme—it can be pretty much whatever your heart desires. 

I will not accept pieces that are erotic, racist, sexist,or hateful in anyway.  This includes slurs, excessive profanity, any harmful threats—these will not be accepted. No exceptions.

To submit your poem, you must be subscribed to my website. Non-subscribers will not be accepted. 

Go here to submit your piece. The subject needs to be Poetry Submission and your full name. Make sure to include in the body your email, title at the top of your poem if you have one, and full name at the bottom. I will try to keep line breaks and style as close to the original email as possible. 

Enjoy, have fun, keep fighting, and keep writing! I’m very excited to see what you create—light and love to everyone. 

~R.K. Russell