Weekly Featured Poem 4.20.20

Honoring through Keeping

Pinned by the sun between solstice and equinox. 

you haunt the places we used to go together.

it follows that I am, because you are.

it follows from ‘you are’, that ‘I am’.

I am changed by keeping pieces of you 

tucked way down deep in my heart, and

through that keeping, we become a festival.

~Yvonne Hamby

Copyright © 2020 by Yvonne Hamby. Reprinted by permission of the author

Photo provided by Yvonne Hamby

Notes From R.K.

Being introduced to the poetry of Yvonne Hamby was just the refreshing game changer I needed.

“Honoring through Keeping,” is a piece speaking to longing, missing, and griefing in ways that you seldom find only seven lines. We all lose people we love. Nevertheless, we find them in our memories, and with our rituals, we keep them alive.

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