I don’t even cut it in slices 

I bite into the watermelon 

Skin first because the sweetness is worth it

I swallow the seeds hoping they grow 

Juice covers my hands 

Like the blood spatter of a crime scene

These violent aggressions are sticky 

& beg fruit flies to come near 

Gasping between bites trying to replace

Air with the lusciousness of your body

They’ve burned the fields 

You are all that’s left

Your mere family ashes of the vine

But I won’t savor you

I can’t 

I long to miss you 

I beg for the times I will beg for you 

& I can’t wait until 

Waiting is all that’s left 

Because everything godly 

I devour & destroy 

~R.K. Russell

Copyright © 2020 by Rkrelentless.com and R.K. Russell