Weekly Featured Poem 5.4.20

The Pink Moon

I tried to watch
Portrait of a Lady
On Fire, 
then I spilled
grape wine
on my legs. 

I boiled water
to remove
the red stain,
but my skin
had absorbed 
the color
and now I 
was on fire. 

He asked me
to walk with him
under the pink moon,
and I wanted to burrow
in his tree
and nibble on his ear.

Earlier in the day
he brought me butter
to make him cookies,
and we waited
on the wooden steps,
asking questions
and giving false answers 
to delay the moment
he would leave.

“Let’s swim
in the fountain
tomorrow,” he said.
“Wear those shorts,
the pair you’re wearing
now. I like those.”

And then
he left.

And then I showered
in the dark,
the warm water
on my back,
as I thought of him
and asked what music
should I listen to,
to offer an embrace. 

~Cody Pease

Copyright © 2020 by Cody Pease. Reprinted by permission of the author.

Photo provided by Cody Pease

Notes From R.K.

Cody Pease’s poetry has me snapping my fingers in the solitude of my office. I’m new to this particular writer’s work, but I’m here to stay. The poem, “The Pink Moon,” speaking to my desire for love, lust, and a gentle seduction as sudden as spilling your wine and as prolonged as an evening of whispers and future promises. 

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