Weekly Featured Poem 5.11.20


When my eyes first met yours,
I never thought I could want more.
Then years flew by like the wind on shore.
I realized my torn heart wasn’t big enough for you to hold.
My soul wasn’t always this cold, 
I’m sorry.
I think of the nights we pulled off the road.
Exchanging kisses from driver seat to passenger seat
I miss you, it’s true.
But here we are, still miles apart.
To me you’re still a work of art,
Though because of the path I’ve chosen,
It’s been so long since we’ve spoken.
I’m sorry, I never asked to be broken.

~James McCloskey

Copyright © 2020 by James McCloskey. Reprinted by permission of the author.

Photo provided by James McCloskey

Notes From R.K.

I see a lot of myself in James McCloskey. Like me, he is a talented writer, as well as a gifted football. I had the pleasure of meeting Jay when I was with my best friend and the Atlanta Falcon’s starting safety, Ricardo Allen, visiting his old high school. Jay and I even played the same position. Friendship and mentorship that started purely athletic has now crossed over into writing as well. I’m glad to know him and share his powerful and heartfelt poem about longing for a love lost.

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