Weekly Featured Poem 5.18.20


Vulnerable but sheltered away 
Longing for connection 
Stumped on a reply 

Jaded but buoyant 
Will I carve the time 

Tainted encounters of the past
Sown across the canvas 
Eager to wash it clean
To change my apparatus 

Turning myself inside out 
Revealing all of me

The silence was so deafening 
But it set me free 

~Andrew Dubeau

Copyright © 2020 by Andrew Dubeau. Reprinted by permission of the author.

Notes From R.K.

Andrew is a new poetic voice in the world of writing. “Isolation” is one of the first pieces he’s recently drafted just for RKRelentless, and I’m grateful that he was willing to share. Drawn to the duplicity of this piece, I couldn’t help but feel like this poem was speaking to most, if not, all of us. We can all use silent reflection, but when forced through circumstance and isolation, it can be hard to find a balance.

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