Weekly Featured Poem 5.25.20

A poem from Sins & Cigarettes

Copyright © 2019 by Jack Wild Publishing.  Reprinted by permission of the author.

Photo provided by Makenna Misuraco

Noted From R.K.

Makenna Misuraco is a fellow Jack Wild poet and a good friend of mine based out of Philly. She published her debut poetry book, Sins & Cigarettes, in 2019. Her works draw from the experiences she’s had with love, heartbreak, life, and sexuality. There is a rawness behind her art that has stemmed from the therapeutic need to put pen to paper.

In this poem, we seem those strong themes are bleeding through the ink of a pen and into our hearts. No matter our religion, race, gender, or sexuality, we have all experienced heartbreak and that pain alone is unifying.

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