Fighting Racism & Becoming An Ally (Guide & Cheat Sheet)

You might not be racist but are you Anti-Racist

  • Not being racist isn’t allyship
  • Anti-racism isn’t a belief it’s a set of actions
    • Calling out racist actions, actions, beliefs, and structures EVERY SINGLE 
  • It’s uncomfortable, but it’s how we make a change 
    • Be active and constant 

De-Prioritize White Comfort

  • White/Majority comfort is not more important than the safety of black and minority people. 
  • Black people move through a world that wasn’t built for them
    • This is hostel for Black people day in and day out
    • This isn’t just uncomfortable but scary and dangerous 
  • You will never be as uncomfortable about racism as a black person who can’t breathe from police brutality

Just Listen

  • People who are used to being in the majority are used to being heard and listened to more than their black friends or colleagues. 
  • Make a conscious effort to decentralize yourself for the conversation 
  • Listen without asking questions and without inserting your thoughts 
  • Just listen to the experiences, and you might be surprised what you learn

Don’t’ Call Upon Your Black Loved Ones To Prove You Aren’t Racist 

  • Your black loved ones are not tools for you to point to as a way to prove you’re not racist 
  • You can have black loved ones and still be racist 
  • Anti-racist action is the only way to show your beliefs 

Use Your Platform

  • No matter how small or large you have an opportunity to reach people
    • Share news stories and updates especially if you’re following isn’t as diverse 
  • Raise awareness among those who might not be aware not as a way to gain creditability with black or minority people
  • Understand your voice can travel places that ours can’t
  • But remember- posting is not taking action.
    • Phone calls
    • Emails
    • Letter
    • Donations
    • Conversations are actions

Allow Black People To Feel

  • Don’t tell people that they are grieving or reacting in the wrong way
  • Being a black is a daily barrage
  • Sometimes we feel it all, sometimes we are numb, and both are reasonable. 

Educate Yourself 

  • Don’t ask black people to educate you. 
  • Buy books on white privilege, racism, systemic racism, and anti-racism.
  • Teaching people about racism is hard, emotional, and exhausting work. 
  • Seek out knowledge and share it 
  • Check if your black loved ones have the mental and emotional capacity for what you need before unloading onto them 
  • Take charge of your own education 
Corey & Russ are talking about racial injustice during current times, how they are trying to make a change, and what everyone can do to help fight for equality.

Cheat Sheet

Remember, it’s a privilege to educate yourself about racism instead of experience it, and this isn’t about white vs. black but racism vs. anti-racist. 

To all black people, your life matters, your happiness matters, and your dreams matter. Thank you.