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:I began to realize I was bisexual in college. Being on the college football team and later as a professional athlete, my attraction to men gave me a lot of anxiety. The dominant perception of male sports and especially of the National Football League is that they are closed-off and exclusionary to LGBTI people. This fear was very real to me, and was a big part of what kept me from coming out for so long. Initially, I told my best friend and then gradually came out to my family and a few others, but I was still hesitant to make my sexuality public.” 


“I met Ryan on a dating app. At the time, love was the last thing I was looking for, but Ryan was pretty persistent. We talked on the app for a bit before moving to Instagram. Then, we decided to meet for coffee, even though I hate coffee. His smile caught my attention right away and we sat and talked for a long time. Initially, I thought he played (American) football on the weekends with his friends, but eventually, I figured out he was a professional player. I didn’t know anything about football, but we connected on so many different levels. At the time, I had a rule that I never dated anyone who was in the closet, but for some reason, I wanted to give Ryan a chance.”

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