Neverland. Poem by Ryan K Russell — Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine | Micro-Press Publisher

If you have been following my journey you know how big this is for me. This is technically my second online published piece of work.  I choice to share this one first because it is a story I haven't told online yet and honestly until recently it was not copyrighted. Now that I own the... Continue Reading →


New Year, New Hike

I can't say that I know how people perceive me. I would hope that I use my platform and my encounters to give life and love. This is my mission in life. I want to breathe life into dreams and fill hearts with unconditional love. With that being said people tell me a lot of... Continue Reading →

Moving to LA

I came to realize that at 26 there would never be a perfect time to move to LA. I kind of refer to myself as a bit of a wanderer. I'm not sure whether to attribute my wanderlust to moving at a young age, my curiosity for the vast world, or the fact that I... Continue Reading →

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