I’ve got some scars I’m trying to hide. I’ve got past lives That haven’t died.



Her past lovers were shades and shadows. I sought to be nothing more than extra wattage for her light. Her soul illuminated my world.

The Real You

I wonder what you dreamt about before you ever knew failure. What was your heart’s desire before you ever let them break it.

Make This Home Again

They fly in one by ten. Baggage, smiles, hugs, hikes, tequila, bonfires, and encouragement. It’s a funny feeling when you find a piece of home in everyone you love. As flights touchdown your heart un-breaks.

Commitment on the Shores

Please, take my hand. Lace your fingers and your dreams with mine, and I will hold on tight. Let's walk side by side, with our toes in the sand. The tide of endless possibilities rising and falling underneath us. Every speck of dust containing its own universe. We are the destroyers of worlds. I will... Continue Reading →

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