The Real You

I wonder what you dreamt about before you ever knew failure. What was your heart’s desire before you ever let them break it.


Make This Home Again

They fly in one by ten. Baggage, smiles, hugs, hikes, tequila, bonfires, and encouragement. It’s a funny feeling when you find a piece of home in everyone you love. As flights touchdown your heart un-breaks.

Trail of Questions

When you left me you left questions. What was wrong with me? Why didn’t you love me? Why did everyone else deserve a father but me? When you come back into my life you came with more questions. Why now? Why should I trust you? Why should I give you the time of day? All... Continue Reading →

Grandad Gaston

Professional football gave me the means to do a lot of awesome stuff, but beyond the material things it allowed me to take care of the people I loved. I got the opportunity to move my grandfather in with me and be his caregiver. Jenkins Gaston Moore was fiery, comical, and as wise as he... Continue Reading →

Moving to LA

I came to realize that at 26 there would never be a perfect time to move to LA. I kind of refer to myself as a bit of a wanderer. I'm not sure whether to attribute my wanderlust to moving at a young age, my curiosity for the vast world, or the fact that I... Continue Reading →

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