Make This Home Again

They fly in one by ten. Baggage, smiles, hugs, hikes, tequila, bonfires, and encouragement. It’s a funny feeling when you find a piece of home in everyone you love. As flights touchdown your heart un-breaks.


The Death of My Best Friend, The Birth of My Angel

I first met Joseph Gilliam in the Fall of 2010 at Purdue University. We were both football players on full scholarship, living in the same dorms, eating at the same table, sweating, and bleeding for the same team. I have to admit though, at first Joseph and I did not get along. It wasn't anything…


If the world is a stage I aspire to be recast, written off, forgotten. I no longer want my responses to be well calculated and socially acceptable. I don’t want plot building relationships and shallow friendships of convenience. Aren’t you tired of being type cast as a villain, or even worse, a supporting character? Never…