Neverland. Poem by Ryan K Russell — Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine | Micro-Press Publisher

If you have been following my journey you know how big this is for me. This is technically my second online published piece of work.  I choice to share this one first because it is a story I haven't told online yet and honestly until recently it was not copyrighted. Now that I own the... Continue Reading →


Make This Home Again

They fly in one by ten. Baggage, smiles, hugs, hikes, tequila, bonfires, and encouragement. It’s a funny feeling when you find a piece of home in everyone you love. As flights touchdown your heart un-breaks.

Before You

Loving you is the best amnesia. Every kiss clouds my worst memories. Every touch fills that empty void. And when we lay together The past disappears and there was never anything before loving you.

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