Sweet kisses, savory bites My lips bare until they bleed. Lick me up, red velvet love, Drink until you're drunk.   Caress me gentle, scratch me hard, Claw my back until it bleeds. We are tumble and flip acrobats, Stain the sheets with me.   Lose your mind, find my heart. Yank heart strings until... Continue Reading →


Commitment on the Shores

Please, take my hand. Lace your fingers and your dreams with mine, and I will hold on tight. Let's walk side by side, with our toes in the sand. The tide of endless possibilities rising and falling underneath us. Every speck of dust containing its own universe. We are the destroyers of worlds. I will... Continue Reading →

The Village

It takes a village to raise a child. My mother, being a single mother, needed that to be true more than anyone. She worked herself to death to feed me. She finished school to inspire me. She listened when I spoke, and held me when I cried. She just needed this village to protect me... Continue Reading →

It’s Always Winter in NYC

"Shouldn't writers move to New York City?" I have to forgive them, of course they don't know. They don't know how that city has wronged me. What it's done to me. The frigid loneliness I feel surrounded by millions of strangers. The icy memories of being cheated on in Soho. The brisk chill of the hospital... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Hike

I can't say that I know how people perceive me. I would hope that I use my platform and my encounters to give life and love. This is my mission in life. I want to breathe life into dreams and fill hearts with unconditional love. With that being said people tell me a lot of... Continue Reading →

Before You

Loving you is the best amnesia. Every kiss clouds my worst memories. Every touch fills that empty void. And when we lay together The past disappears and there was never anything before loving you.

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