I’ve got some scars I’m trying to hide. I’ve got past lives That haven’t died.


Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, You’re not the only thing that shatters when it falls. I’ve fallen time and time again, Somehow my pieces I seem to mend. But mirror I’ll never be the same And heartbreak is the one to blame.

Before You

Loving you is the best amnesia. Every kiss clouds my worst memories. Every touch fills that empty void. And when we lay together The past disappears and there was never anything before loving you.

Moving to LA

I came to realize that at 26 there would never be a perfect time to move to LA. I kind of refer to myself as a bit of a wanderer. I'm not sure whether to attribute my wanderlust to moving at a young age, my curiosity for the vast world, or the fact that I... Continue Reading →

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