Through the looking glass, Alex stumbles to Wonderland. The rabbit’s time never last. Maybe The Mad Hatter Isn’t all that mad. Queen of hearts isn’t hateful, She’s never been this sad. Biggest heart in the kingdom, Biggest chance of getting hurt. Hate to love this complex tale, Fairytale beyond the dirt. Cheshire Cat disappears, A... Continue Reading →



Poetry is my favorite form of expression A painting in one stroke, It’s a picture with perfect resolution. A book that never ends, It’s the climax of every story. Poetry is life without death, Immortality.


Sinner was an understatement. I was devoted to an unholy trinity, Of sex, drugs, And love.

The Real You

I wonder what you dreamt about before you ever knew failure. What was your heart’s desire before you ever let them break it.

Why is Falling so Easy

Falling in love was so easy, as it always is. I didn't see you coming, you were a obstuction. I tripped, stumbled, and despite my best efforts, I came crashing down in love with you. Falling in love was so easy. Getting back up and brushing off the heartache was the challenge.


Fireworks erupted and I thought it was my heart. Everyone was staring at the sky but I was starring at you. My only resolution was to never let you go.

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