Sweet kisses, savory bites My lips bare until they bleed. Lick me up, red velvet love, Drink until you're drunk.   Caress me gentle, scratch me hard, Claw my back until it bleeds. We are tumble and flip acrobats, Stain the sheets with me.   Lose your mind, find my heart. Yank heart strings until... Continue Reading →


Commitment on the Shores

Please, take my hand. Lace your fingers and your dreams with mine, and I will hold on tight. Let's walk side by side, with our toes in the sand. The tide of endless possibilities rising and falling underneath us. Every speck of dust containing its own universe. We are the destroyers of worlds. I will... Continue Reading →

Why is Falling so Easy

Falling in love was so easy, as it always is. I didn't see you coming, you were a obstuction. I tripped, stumbled, and despite my best efforts, I came crashing down in love with you. Falling in love was so easy. Getting back up and brushing off the heartache was the challenge.


Fireworks erupted and I thought it was my heart. Everyone was staring at the sky but I was starring at you. My only resolution was to never let you go.

Missed Opportunity

I want that moment back. I mean everything leading up to it was hell but I feel like I squandered that moment. I kept asking you why you cheated? How many times did you do it? Was he better than me? Was it worth it? The only question my heart truly wanted to know was,... Continue Reading →

Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, You’re not the only thing that shatters when it falls. I’ve fallen time and time again, Somehow my pieces I seem to mend. But mirror I’ll never be the same And heartbreak is the one to blame.

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