I’ve got some scars I’m trying to hide. I’ve got past lives That haven’t died.



Fireworks erupted and I thought it was my heart. Everyone was staring at the sky but I was starring at you. My only resolution was to never let you go.


My chest is on fire. When you touched my heart you set it a blaze. I’m scared it’s going to burn bright, burn fast, and burn out.

Watching my steps

You were the perfect example of what not to be. Nature pulled me in your direction, but nurture gave me another way. I still look down when I walk. Dead set on not following any of your footsteps.

Trail of Questions

When you left me you left questions. What was wrong with me? Why didn’t you love me? Why did everyone else deserve a father but me? When you come back into my life you came with more questions. Why now? Why should I trust you? Why should I give you the time of day? All... Continue Reading →

Knowledge & Hunger

I promised myself I would never know hunger again, but that’s the problem with knowledge. Ignorance is truly bliss. Once you know someone or something it’s hard to forget them completely. The touch of an ex love/lover fades but is it ever truly gone. The sting of loss subsides but the wounds are still there. Hunger... Continue Reading →

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