My Story

My Story

Hi I’m Ryan Russell! I was born in New York to a single mother who happens to be my best friend. She relocated me at a young age after the passing of my father and from then on, I was a Dallas Boy. Dallas, Texas is where I found one of my true love and passion football. After a successful high school career both academically and athletically I got a full scholarship to Purdue University. In college I met teammates and friends that turned into family, graduated with a double major in sociology and communications, and was drafted in 2015 to the Dallas Cowboys. I played with the Cowboys my first year but saw most my playing time and success with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. My accomplishments are a tremendous blessing in my life, but I did not create this experience to talk about just my accomplishments. Through this journey I will tell you of my struggles and the obstacles that made the accomplishments possible. Anyone going through a similar situation or just let people know they aren’t alone. If football is my first love, then writing would be my second. I have never shared an amount of my writing, but I believe it is time. Football is precious because it is limited. The window of opportunity to play is very small and the ability to sustain the dream is even smaller

Writing is beautiful because it is infinite and timeless, and the two polar opposites football and writing encompass all that I cherish. I hope this experience also helps me grow as a writer in confidence and technique. If nothing else I hope you all enjoy it and maybe take something from the physical manifestation of my feelings, life lessons, passions, and desires. Thank you. God Bless.

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