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Prison or Passion

Prison or Passion is a collection of vulnerable and eloquent poems from R.K. Russell, who has started and played in the NFL since 2015, for the Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With bare honesty, walloping punchlines, and endearing flare, Prison or Passion captures the struggles of being a young boy without a father, and the strength that comes from building your own definition of manhood. There is a glimpse into the duality of abandonment and finding one’s self. The book also encompasses grand moments in life: falling in love, healing through transparency, football triumphs, the simple pleasure of waking up next to the one you love. R.K. Russell recaptures the subtle cries of a young boy and the creation into the man that would have protected him, ensuring that his words will become your personal creed—and will call you to protect the young and innocent. 


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My story

Background & Football

Ryan Russell is a professional football player in the NFL, a published poet, author, and artist. He began writing around the age of seven when he lost his stepfather in a motorcycle accident. He then realized just how little his biological father was truly in his life. Ryan’s mother relocated him from Buffalo, New York to Dallas, Texas were Ryan then fell in love with football. Though his love for football was well known and well celebrated he kept embracing, improving, and exploring his first love of writing. Ryan graduated from the prestigious Purdue University and was drafted to the Dallas Cowboys. He saw most of his success with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and is excited to apply the same handwork and dedication to his writing.


Ryan’s poetry is a strong collection of memories, emotional trials, and larger than life depictions into the human condition. He hopes to inspire those going through trauma, abuse, abandonment, insecurity, and many afflictions through this poetic adventure. Love and healing are also constant themes that arise, and are portrayed as areas we can always work hard to improve. Ryan also hopes to inspire other boys, and young men, to explore and cultivate their creative sides. We are all more than one talent and one dream. We are multifaceted and phenomenal beings with unlimited capabilities.


Ryan’s other writing focuses mostly in young adult fiction novels but recently he has become devoted to screenwriting and screenplay adaptations. He is an all around story-teller no matter the medium. Ryan is hoping to publish his first full length novel with summer along with a few pilots for television. As far as art goes he has been a sketch artist since he was a child and continues to do so until his heart’s content.

Writing is beautiful because it is infinite and timeless. The two polar opposites, football and writing, encompass all that he cherishes. Ryan hopes this experience also helps him grow as a writer in confidence and transparency. If nothing else he hopes to make people laugh, smile, and know they aren’t alone. 

Keep loving, keep fighting, keep writing.

R.K. Russell

6 thoughts on “Homepage

  1. Thanks so much for the “follow,” Ryan. Back atcha! I’ll look forward to your posts. Your last name is a winner! It was my mother’s maiden name and my father’s first name — hence, my pen name.

  2. Wait. What?! I saw you are now following my little humble “pictured words” poetry site (https://picturedwords.me/), and I came out here to see who you are. I have to admit I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined a professional football player visiting my little poetry site! Well, you just totally made my day. And then I read a few of your poems, and I am lovin’ your style! Thank you so much for visiting my site. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your words out here.

    Oh, and I see you are a Purdue grad. I’ll even say Boiler Up, though I’m a huge fan of THE Ohio State University! GO BUCKS! 😀

    God bless, and keep writing, k? And thanks for making my day!

    Marie Elena

    1. Glad I could make your day. Your heartfelt comment and appreciate has had a similar effect on my evening. Thank you for that. Boiler Up! And I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

  3. I am honoured that a professional football player visited and followed my blog. Most of all, I find your blog very inspiring. There is so much value we could learn from sports, and athlete like you inspire us even more in our daily life – to pick up ourselves when we fall, to stay positive even the world seems to collapse.

    1. That’s what it’s all about man, and I strongly believe we overcome when we stick together. Thank you for taking the time out to comment and to show me kindness. The honor is all mine.

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